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New Baby Names in Kannada

People generally find the act of welcoming a child into the world as a joyful one. In most parts of the world it is even celebrated. The process of welcoming a child into the world involves several activities amongst which child naming is one of the most important. Selecting a name for the child is very important because it gives the child an identity in the world.

Kannada Names are  very much among the names selected for newly born babies in some parts of the world. The names have a very rich culture attached to them along with relatable meanings which has led to the names being selected for new born babies in different parts of the world. The names possess different meanings from those names that infer about gods and nature to other names that relate to different aspects of life such as music and beauty. The use and value of the names cannot be boxed in just one category.

This article is going to be giving you  a couple of suggestions about Female and Male Baby Names in Kannada with Meanings so as to aid those who have an interest in giving their babies one of the many beautiful names. Kannada Baby Names are some of the best you could ever want for your babies and  often possess a relatable meaning to a range of situations.

There are old names as well as New Baby Names in Kannada, both of which you would absolutely love. The old baby names include Ruthvika which can be translated “a Seasonal sacrificer”, Rushik meaning “lord of earth” and Pujesh which when translated refers to a worshipped object. The new baby names include Praver “a person who is in charge of things”, Rushikulya which means “sprout of beauty” and Swapna Sundari meaning “a woman of dreams”.

The Baby Name List for Kannada offers a wide range of names for both boys and girls. The Baby Boy Names in Kannada often refer to power, strength and gods. If you happen to want Kannada Boy Names for a male child which you are expecting or recently had, you’d sure get some here. The names include Aman “the one who is peaceful”, Tuvishtam meaning “the creator of living beings and the heavenly builder”, Svaramaya which is translated as “the one who is good looking” and Turvash meaning “overpowering and victorious”.

If you happen to be expecting a beautiful baby girl then you would be trying to find a matching name for your child or you probably want a name that you can relate to then you would not be wrong to go with Kannada Girl Names.  The girl names usually include reference to nature, beauty and Royalty and sometimes even gods. The Baby Girl Names in Kannada include Rupina “a beautiful woman”, Thritika meaning “meeting the three goddesses”, Prathish translated to mean “one who was born to rule due to his or her good behavior and beauty” and Aabharana which means “a person that brings prosperity, happiness and honor”.

Names of Kannada origin are some of the best anyone could want for his or her child as they possess a strong cultural heritage and have diverse meanings. You would definitely be making the right decision by picking one of these lovely names for your new born boy or girl.

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