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Eligibility to request Amazon GTIN code Exemption

According to the Amazon Seller Central rules and regulations, GTIN is a code which most of the products and brands are in need to enlist their products on Amazon to sell them in any marketplace of Amazon. Once a brand is registered with Amazon and has its own GTIN number, it is amendatory for each other seller selling the same product of the same brand to provide a GTIN code which will help the electronic system of Amazon in the better maintenance and storage of the stock the seller would be sent to the Amazon warehouse. If any seller will send the inventory without the GTIN which is previously provided by the brands of the products, would be suppressed unless the seller will use prep services and provide a GTIN code for the products and the product packages.

Below is the criterion which has set by Amazon to get an exemption from providing the GTIN number while listing any product to the inventory for selling purposes:

Manufacturers without GTIN– For all those products by brands that haven’t provided any GTIN for its any of the products are exempted from providing the GTIN or other product identification codes. A product of a brand registered with the Amazon brand registry and has already been exempted from the GTIN code is also GTIN exempted for the reseller.

Seller is the manufacturer– If the Amazon seller account holder is the manufacturer of the product which is to be sold through the seller central account is exempted from providing the GTIN. For example, a manufacturer wants to sell his own products on Amazon, which he has a legal right of patent and brand name.

Private Label Model- A seller, who had customized a product along with the patent rights and is manufacturing the product through a manufacturer along with the customization agreement, is exempted from the GTIN identification code.

Handmade Products– Those products which are made by hand and not in a manufacturing factory are also exempted from providing the code. These products might include handmade jewelry, home-stitched and tailored clothes, bags or shoes. The seller should have the documentation against the claim that the products are handmade before filing the case for code exemption.

Part of a Product– Those products, which are actually parts of the main product is exempted from the identification code as well. These products might be parts of automobiles, electronics, or mobiles.

Products in Packs- Those products which are offered on Amazon in packs of the same products or packs of different products as a result of value-added service are exempted as well.

Those products or packs of products, which are provided exemption from providing the GTIN codes, should be listed under ungated categories and GTIN exemption list. The products having features that identify them as GTIN exemption products and listed under gated categories of Amazon should have approval for selling of the product. Without this approval, no seller is able to list the product if it is gated by Amazon itself.




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