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Can You Do Away with Termites Utilizing Borax?

Sodium borate, or borax, is a salt made from boric acid, as well as it is typically utilized as a much less poisonous insecticide in pest control procedures. Nevertheless, this is not the main application of this compound. Its major application remains in house or washing cleaning. So, can this salt be utilized to handle a termite infestation effectively, or is it ideal for adhering to attempted and tested methods?

The issue with using borax against termites

Borax works at killing termites. It works by disrupting the termites’ gastrointestinal system, eventually leading to their fatality. So, in theory, it should work against an invasion, specifically dry wood termites, which set up their whole swarm inside the timber they take in.

However, in practice, you soon face issues. First, while borax, whether in powder type or as a remedy, can be infused right into timber, it is rarely spread around via the nest, which would be needed to eliminate an invasion. Borate services can be much more reliable when used to treat the wood before it is used in building and construction, and this therapy will certainly safeguard it from wood-boring insects.


Borax is an excellent way to take care of countless other insects; however, when it concerns termites, as a result of the framework of their colonies, borax can be inefficient, and also it can take a long period to destroy a colony, even if it does end up working out. We do not advise utilizing borax when managing termites.

Borax-treated wood is also not entirely secure from parasites because the borax will shed efficiency when exposed to duplicated, soaking rains. Therefore, this kind of wood can just be used inside your home.

Nowadays, the toxicity of routine termite therapy choices is very little. In the scenarios where poisoning may present a tiny danger, you must be entirely safe if you comply with the directions of your pest control pro after the treatment has been used. Choosing a borax therapy is not beneficial offers its ineffectiveness when contrasted to conventional therapies. On top of that, borax could only be effective in an extremely limited variety of applications, such as when you have drywood or damp wood termite problems in a single piece of wood. For below-ground termite invasions or for issues that are more expanded throughout the house, various other control methods will certainly be needed. If you want to discover even more regarding termite treatment Adelaide, or if you have a termite problem in your home, call us today.

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