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3 Digital Marketing Tools Your Small Business Needs

We all know how essential digital marketing has become for all businesses. No matter which industry you are in, whether you are selling a product or a service, you need to have a good digital marketing strategy in place. To remain relevant, discoverable, and also maintain authenticity, your audience needs to find something engaging about you online. Thanks to the 3 digital marketing tools mentioned below, digital marketing has become such a breeze for small businesses.


While we must focus on digital marketing tactics like social media and website optimization, let’s not underestimate what importance email marketing holds. Email marketing is actually still one of the best ways to make it to your audience, in the most personalized manner ever. People still have email apps on their phones, so connectivity and responsiveness from your customers should not be a problem. Plus, a personalized email with the customer’s name in the subject line goes a long way!

However, email marketing does seem a little inefficient and tedious to some marketers due to the list management issue. Here is where Mailchimp plays an imperative role. It is an email marketing tool that has gradually evolved into a full-scale digital marketing solution for many people.

The tool creates lists of emails that your business will connect with, it gives detailed analytics and also lets you create user-friendly designs and layouts. Finding the right audience is the whole key here. And Mailchimp does that flawlessly. The detailed insights and analytics reports help you evaluate how well your emails have performed.

Other than email marketing, you can also use this tool to create transactional emails and your online websites or e-stores. There are various plans and packages to choose from. The best part? They have a pretty generous free plan for every service too! So, for a small business, this could be a huge hit!


As a small business owner, you will often yourselves running out of ideas and strategies for your website blog or your Instagram posts. It is always important to make content and follow precisely those tactics and topics that are trending and everyone is following. However, analyzing the entire web is almost impossible for a small business owner to do. This is where you can benefit hugely from BuzzSumo.

It is a cloud-based tool that scans thousands of resources and content published online, such as blogs and press news, to give you a report about the trending content. This content is called monitoring, and one of the many amazing things you can do with BuzzSumo’s free trial period of 30 days!

Another very powerful tool worth mentioning is the Content Analyzer. This is where you can go through and understand the quality, as well as the reactions to different types of content published on the web. You can use it to analyze how well your competitor’s content is performing. Just by putting in their domain, you can find out their most successful topics, headlines, authors, backlinks, and much more. In the same way, you can use this tool to analyze your Facebook page, so you can improve your social media marketing strategies.

From researching to analyzing to coming up with effective content ideas, you need BuzzSumo’s assistance. Try out its 30-day trial period, and then see whether or not its excellent features and solutions work for your small business’s digital marketing.

Google Analytics

There was a mention about understanding and picking the right audience earlier. We still stand by that claim. Identifying the right audience for your business is what will help your business survive and then succeed. However, the process is not always this simple. Different factors and features of multiple types of audiences overlap one another, making it really difficult for new entrepreneurs to get any direction.

To get your hands on rich and in-depth details about your audience and website traffic, Google Analytics is perhaps the best tool for that. It is also a cloud-based solution that can tell you everything about your website traffic, what are their demographics, what times are they the most active, and much more. This tool has a big name for itself in the industry, thanks to its completely free access that enables small to medium-sized businesses to make the best marketing strategies.

One thing to keep in mind with Google Analytics is that it is mainly made for savvy marketers. It might not be the easiest tool to use for beginners or people with no marketing background. For this reason, the learning curve can be time-consuming. However, once you find your way around it, there are so many ways to benefit from this free digital marketing tool.

Final Thought

Since all these digital marketing tools are cloud-based, make sure you are connected to reliable internet. The best way to cut your costs and also have a good internet connection is to get Mediacom Internet. You can pair it up with Mediacom TV to also get extra value and ensure some entertainment as you pave your way to success!

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