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How Do We Make Your Custom Quartz and Granite Countertops?

At The Countertop Shop, we strive to make your custom countertop experience as stress-free as possible. We invite everyone living in the Toledo and Perrysburg area to visit our local showroom to start your granite and quartz countertop search today.

  1. You Choose the Perfect Slab of Stone for Your Kitchen or Bath Counter

Our showroom is packed with full slabs and endless quartz samples from which you decide which granite or quartz surface is just right for your project. We recommend that you choose all your finishes at the same time including flooring, cabinetry, counters, tile, wall color, lighting, and appliances.

  1. Base Cabinets are Installed at Your Toledo or Perrysburg Area Home

Before we can take measurements for your custom countertops, all your bottom cabinets must be installed by your contractor. This ensures that the template will produce granite or quartz counters with a seamless fit. It is also recommended that all your appliances are in position.

  1. Our Technicians Make a Custom Template at Your Home

The Countertop Shop sends our own team of specialists to your home to create an accurate template for your new counters. We never outsource our work, so you always receive the best possible service from local technicians.

  1. A Computerized Saw Cuts Out Your Counters in Our Fabrication Shop

Your template is brought back to The Countertop Shop where we enter it into our CNC cutting table. The robot follows the exact dimensions of your template to cut out a perfectly shaped counter complete with the edge of your choice.

We do not use a third-party fabrication shop. Everything is done on-site.

  1. The Counters are Installed in Your Home

Once your countertop pieces are cut, our installation team brings them to your home. We carefully position and secure each piece for the back counter, island, or bathroom vanity. When we are done, your contractor can come in to make the final connections for appliances, add the backsplash tile, and tidy up your finished space.

  1. Enjoy Your New Quartz or Granite Countertops

Once your counters are in place, they are ready to be put into service! You should expect either granite or quartz countertops to perform admirably for up to 20 years or longer.

Does it sound easy? It is! Give us a call at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH a ring to start your custom countertop creation today.

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