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How To Change Your Flat Tire

Suppose it’s a lovely night. You’ve just finished spending time with your friends, and it was great. Now, it’s time to head home. You start your car and begin driving, enjoying the road and some of your favorite songs, but what’s that sound? You can hear a strange noise coming from the back of your car. You stop to check, and there it is, a flat tire! Your first ever flat tire.

Although it might seem like a nightmare, trust me, it’s not. It can turn into a great story of success, one that you’ll never forget. The sense of accomplishment that will dawn on you after you’re successful is something worth the experience. This article will walk you through some key points and tips on how to tackle this situation.

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1- Stay Calm Under Pressure

People tend to be nervous and fearful when they approach something for the first time. That will often lead to quick failure. Take a couple of deep breaths, and don’t doubt yourself, as panicking will get you nowhere.

Pull over to the side of the road and make sure you’re not obstructing traffic. It’s also crucial to turn the hazard lights on. Bring out the equipment you need from the trunk. You’ll need the spare tire, the jack, and the lug wrench. Take a moment to carefully consider your plan of action and how you intend to carry it out. Once you have done so, feel free to begin with your task.

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2- Lift the Car

In order to start the process, you must first lift the car up. Start by finding a solid point on the frame of your car near the tire that you’re replacing. Make sure to choose a part of the frame that will not cause damage to the car if levered. Place the jack under the point you’ve chosen.

  • Start lifting the car by pressing down on the floor jack or by turning the floor jack handle slowly.
  • Keep lifting until the tire no longer touches the ground. Approximately 10-15 CMs.
  • The jack should be placed in a position where you or others won’t hit it.

3- Remove the Lug Nuts

Pry the hubcap off, uncovering the lug nuts. Use the end of the wrench to start loosening the lug nuts by turning them counterclockwise. Once there’s no more resistance, you should be able to unbolt them by hand.

  • You can take an easier approach by doing this part of the process before lifting the car. This will help you know that you’re turning the nuts and not the tire while loosening them.
  • Your car might not have a hubcap, and that’s fine. If it does, you’ll find a center cap that you’ll have to unscrew first.
  • Some cars will require a special key to unlock one of the lug nuts, a feature implemented to prevent theft. The key is usually stored in the trunk or the glove box.
  • Put the lug nuts in a safe spot and make sure not to lose them.

4- Pull Out the Busted Tire

Now that your car is jacked up and the lug nuts are loose, it’s time to remove the source of your current misery. Pull out the already loosened nuts and start sliding the tire off the axle. To be perfectly candid, dismounting a tire is not a walk in the park. It can be very tiresome and must be handled with caution.

  • Get in the right body position first. You should squat with your legs and keep your back straight.
  • Place your hands horizontally on both sides of the tire.
  • Wiggle the tire with proper force. Using a lubricator, if there’s one around, can help.
  • Do not use any metal rods or objects that can harm the frame of your car or the rim.

5- Mount the Spare Tire on the Vehicle

You’re almost there. All you have to do now is reverse the process.

  • Place the spare on the axle and rotate until the sockets on the rim are aligned with the sockets on the tire.
  • Grab one of the lug nuts you removed earlier and insert it into one of the sockets.
  • Rotate the lug nut by hand.
  • Repeat until all the lug nuts are inserted.
  • Make sure that the lug nuts are bolted enough to ensure the tire does not fall off, but not too tightly as to fully insert them into the socket.

6- Lower Down the Vehicle

Slowly use the handle on the jack to bring the vehicle down. Once the tire rests comfortably on the ground, pull out the jack from under the car and put it back in its right place in the trunk.

  • Use the wrench to tighten the lug nuts. It’s preferred to tighten them halfway through at first, going through them one by one, then going around again and tightening them all the way through.
  • Be aware that your body needs to be fully out from underneath the car while lowering, avoiding any harm by accident if the jack slips or breaks.
  • Put everything back in its place and get behind the wheel.

7- Pay the Auto-Repair Shop an Immediate Visit

You must get your tire fixed ASAP. Don’t forget you’re driving on a spare, so unless it’s a full-sized tire, it’s advised to keep your speed below 80 km/h. There’s a likelihood that the tire can be fixed and either put back or kept as a spare. If not, then you’ll need to buy a new one.

8- Feel Empowered

Congratulations! You did it! You could have easily called for help, and things would’ve been really effortless. But you did the dirty work yourself and came out on top. Despite many people shrugging off the matter and saying it doesn’t matter, you should take pride in what you’ve done.

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