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The Complete Guide to Using Your, Tesco Clubcard, to Save the Most at ,Tesco Petrol Stations


Tesco Clubcard is a popular loyalty program offered by Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK. Customers that participate in the programme can accumulate points from their purchases, which they can then exchange for different rewards. Aside from earning and using points in Tesco stores, Clubcard holders also get special benefits and discounts at Tesco petrol stations. In this thorough guide, we’ll go through how to maximise the value of your Tesco Clubcard at Tesco gas stations so you can cut your gasoline costs.

Understanding Tesco Clubcard: Tesco Clubcard is a no-cost loyalty programme that offers rewards for purchases made at Tesco stores and partner establishments. Customers who produce their Clubcard at the register receive points based on the cost of their purchases. The acquired points can be turned into vouchers or used to purchase other incentives. You gain more points as you shop more frequently at Tesco, which opens up more potential for savings.

Tesco petrol stations and Clubcard Advantages: Tesco petrol stations are conveniently situated throughout the country, enabling Clubcard holders to take advantage of special advantages while filling up their vehicles. Use of your Clubcard at Tesco petrol stations has the following major benefits:

Gain Clubcard Points on Petrol Purchases:

You may accrue Clubcard points for each litre of fuel you buy when you fill up your car at Tesco gas stations. Simply display your Clubcard at the self-checkout or scan it there to start earning points. You have the option of making further savings by using the points you earn to buy groceries, petrol, or other prizes.

2.2. Fuel Save Programme:

A fantastic option to reduce your fuel costs is through Tesco’s Fuel Save programme. You may gain more Fuel Save points by using your Clubcard when you shop at Tesco supermarkets. At Tesco gas stations, these points can be utilised to lower the cost per litre of fuel, which could eventually result in considerable savings.

Utilising Clubcard Benefits at Tesco Petrol Stations to the Fullest:

Let’s examine some techniques to further maximise your savings now that we are aware of the advantages of using your Tesco Clubcard at Tesco gas stations:

3.1. Consistently Look for Promotions:

Tesco frequently launches special Clubcard-only sales and deals. Keep an eye out for these specials since they can provide you bonus points or a discount on fuel purchases. For information on the most recent promotions, visit the Tesco website, app, or Clubcard mailer.

Clubcard Points with Other Offers:

Tesco Clubcard points can be applied in conjunction with other deals, including fuel reductions or vouchers. You may stretch your funds even further by taking advantage of these chances. You can use your Clubcard points to settle the outstanding debt, for instance, if you obtain a gasoline coupon as part of a partner campaign.

Plan Your Purchases to Earn More Points:

Think carefully about your Tesco food shopping strategy. Watch out for extra point offers on particular products or categories. You can increase your fuel savings by buying these things at times when they are offering extra points on Clubcard purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions: In order to respond to typical inquiries, the following are some responses to frequently asked questions about using Tesco Clubcard at Tesco gas stations:

Is it possible to use my Clubcard at any Tesco petrol station?

Yes, you may use your Clubcard to earn and redeem points at any Tesco petrol station in the UK.

How can I see the remaining Clubcard points on my account?

Through the Tesco website or mobile app, you may check your Clubcard point balance online. Additionally, when you shop at Tesco, your receipts will be printed with your points balance.

4.3. Can Clubcard points be used to purchase fuel without any restrictions?

Subject to a minimum level imposed by Tesco, you can use your Clubcard points to pay for petrol. The precise information may change, so it’s best to check the Tesco website or speak with Tesco workers for the most up-to-date details.


You may save a lot of money on your fuel costs by using the Tesco Clubcard at Tesco petrol stations. Obtain Clubcard points for each litre of petrol purchased, take advantage of the petrol Save programme, and combine your points with other offers to increase your savings. Keep up with current offers, organise your purchases to rack up extra points, and take advantage of the advantages of owning a Tesco Clubcard. Start refuelling your car at Tesco petrol outlets and watch your savings increase!

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