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Why Are Branded Pens a Popular Promotional Item?

Giving away branded Printed Pens as promotional merchandise helps with the branding of your business more than you realize. It can stand alone as a marketing strategy but the advantages increase manifold when it is coupled with some other marketing schemes.

Surveys bear out the good that using promotional merchandise does for your business. Promotional items are popular with companies that join trade shows. However, the good that these items can bring a business goes beyond just trade exhibits. Recipients put these products to good use – with about half of those surveyed saying that they use the items almost daily. Items are also usually kept for at least a year before being thrown out. A hefty 76% of those surveyed say that they remember the name of the company advertised on the promotional item. A good half of the respondents say that they tend to look at the company that has given them a promotional product in a more positive light after the receipt and that they tend to do business with the company.

Surveys show that giving out branded pens as a promotional tool helps strengthen your business in a lot of ways. It heightens brand awareness. It improves people’s perception of your business or company. It makes people remember you and makes them more likely to seek you out should a need for your particular product or service arise.

Your target customer will use a pen every day. If he uses one which bears your company’s name and logo, your business will be at the top of his mind should there be a need for him to look up a product or service that you are selling.

The use of Promo Pens as a promotional tool is not only effective; it is also much less expensive than many other forms of marketing and advertising programs.

Branded pens are promotional merchandise that keeps on giving and giving. Every single time that a recipient uses the pen, the results are almost the same as when a television program airs your advertising spiel and reminds the listener about your business – but this time, without the astounding cost of television commercials. Other people who borrow the pen or see the owner using it also get to be reminded about your business. This is truly getting your money’s worth from your investment.

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