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The Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has often been mocked for only offering its people beer and not much else. Unfortunately, this is far from accurate, as Milwaukee provides a diverse and populous amount of food and drink for the people who live there. Between Food Trucks, Neapolitan Pizza, Frozen Custard, and plenty of breweries, you’ll never want good food while walking through the city or perusing Milwaukee houses for sale. Just listening to the people of Milwaukee talk about their favorite places to eat and drink will make you salivate with anticipation. So without further ado, here are four Milwaukee restaurants you don’t want to miss when you find yourself in Wisconsin.

Glorioso’s Italian Market

Kicking off our tour is probably not the first place you think of when you consider good places to eat. Regardless, Milwaukee’s finest winery and Italian market is one that can’t be missed. Beginning as a grocery store, the landscape of the market changed Glorioso’s into a premier stop for wine and Italian delicacies in 2011. Their fine dinner meals and signature sandwiches, including the mysterious Human Torch Italian sub, make Glorioso’s a nonstop train of fine eating and wonderful service. Head to 1011 E Brady St. to make your next trip through Milwaukee a memorable one.

Speed Queen BBQ

If you’re looking for great American Barbeque, Speed Queen is the last place you’ll ever need to visit. While Milwaukee’s North Side is home to no shortage of fine restaurants and stores, Speed Queen BBQ is the best to be found there. Having sold their signature sauces throughout the midwest, Speed Queen’s signature blend of southern American stylings makes it a perfect home for those looking for a little slice of America to tide their stomachs over. If you love pork, you won’t be disappointed with their menu, but Speed Queen’s family recipes don’t stop there. Stop by 1130 W Walnut St to give your taste buds a treat.

Lakefront Brewery

We told you you’d have no trouble finding good breweries in Milwaukee. As for where to start, look no further than Lakefront Brewery for not just great food, but a truly unique dining experience. Lakefront is known for its outdoor dining experience, where diners get the privacy of their own tented pods out under the stars. Not only that, but Lakefront has an indoor greenhouse with a running river right next to the restaurant, giving those lucky customers a perfect water view as they dine. Combine that with the rousing polka performers, and you won’t want to miss this lovely attraction at 1872 N Commerce St.

Sherman Phoenix

Sherman Phoenix is arguably the most famous restaurant in Milwaukee, if not Wisconsin as a whole, and it’s easy to see why. Affordable gourmet food is plentiful at Phoenix, from pizza, wings, ice cream, and gourmet popcorn abound. More than just the great food keeps customers coming back to this little hub in the Sherman Park area, though. Phoenix is a cultural hub for Milwaukee, with regular community gatherings from political rallies to local business events held there frequently. It’s definitely one spot that’s impossible to miss, so check out 3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave for Sherman Park’s finest cultural hotspot.

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